Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dashboard Widget Posted!

I just made my first "contribution" as a registered Apple Developer.

A Dashboard widget I created (using Dashcode) was submitted Monday and posted today, April 17.

The widget is super simple, basically serving as a quick reference for the definitions of PubMed search field tags. I found I was looking these up online more than I should have too when they could only be a button press away (F12).

I don't know who else could find this useful but the whole creation-to-submission process through Apple was a breeze!

Head to this URL to check out, and if you're adventurous, install my little widget:


And if you find yourself using it regularly please support the widget at



1 comment:

ctrlalteredmind said...

dude this rocks! hope it leads to a whole slew of pubmed related widgets :)

i'm sure you're working on one with advanced search features and stuff :)

keep up the good work!