Monday, August 25, 2008

A New Semester, A New Faculty Poster

It's that time of the year again, first day of fall semester. I have been selected to do the posters for our department and have recently finished the one for the new faculty of the fall 2008 semester. As you may have guessed, I uploaded my final product to and you can see it for yourself below:

Read this document on Scribd: Clare Faculty Poster | Fall 2008

Department of Integrative Physiology Faculty 2008-09 Ahmed, Alaa Assistant Professor CLARE 101 Allen, David Assistant Professor RAMALEY C373A Bekoff, Anne Professor OLD MAIN 1B90 Benay, Francoise Education Specialist CLARE 206A Bennett, Beth Assistant Research Professor IBG Boyko, Marie Senior Instructor TB1 107 Byrnes, William Associate Professor CARLSON 201A Carey, Cynthia Professor RAMALEY C374 Casagrand, Janet Instructor TB1 103 DeSouza, Chris Associate Professor CARLSON 108 Ehringer, Marissa Assistant Professor RL#4 Room 36 Enoka, Roger Professor CARLSON 202E Farley, Claire Associate Professor CLARE 103 Fleshner, Monika Associate Professor CARLSON 202F Foley, Teresa Education Specialist CARLSON 111 Gleeson, Todd Professor OLD MAIN 1-43 Greene, Larry Senior Instructor CLARE 205 Hayes, Adam Instructor RAMALEY N1B58 Heisler, Ruth Senior Instructor RAMALEY C186 Hermanson, Robert Instructor RAMALEY N168 Hobbs, Steve Instructor RAMALEY N168 Johnson, Tom Professor RL#1 Room 127 Kram, Rodger Associate Professor CLARE 103 Link, Christopher Associate Research Professor IBG Lowry, Chris Assistant Professor RAMALEY N379A Mazzeo, Robert Associate Professor CARLSON 202A Mood, Dale Professor CLARE 102 Moore, Russ Professor CARLSON 202D Murphy, Owen Instructor TB1 106 Norris, David Professor RAMALEY N368 Saul, Leif Instructor TB1 108 Seals, Doug College Professor of Distinction CARLSON 202C Semsar, Kate Education Specialist CLARE 206A Sherwood, David Associate Professor TB1 101 Snyder, Gregory Professor RAMALEY N344 Stitzel, Jerry Assistant Professor RL#4 Room 57 Tsai, Pei-San Associate Professor RAMALEY N384 Wright, Kenneth Assistant Professor CLARE 112 Staff Bettman, David Academic Advisor TB1 105 Cook, Marsha Program Assistant CLARE 113 Geer, Brandon Research Facility Manager RAMALEY C505 Law, Jennifer Senior Accounting Technician CARLSON 207 Leonardo, Nikki Accounting Technician CARLSON 207 Maples, Andrew Accounting Technician CARLSON 207 Mares, Carrie Administrative Assistant CLARE 114 Stenger, Lou Academic Advisor TB1 112 Williams, Euphemia Academic Advisor TB1 109

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