Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Time-Lapse Cadaver Dissection - Revisited

Two years ago I got very interested in making time-lapse movies. I found a lovely Mac app called Gawker that really puts out some good movies. One of my first subjects was a bird that had set up a nest in the gutter outside of my apartment window:

The comments on this video were interesting and critical, suggesting it was a waste of time and not very artistic. Oh well, I moved on to more cheery subject matter like the construction of a ginger bread house around Christmas of last year:

Then I had another idea, time-lapse dissection of human cadavers! I was always surprised at how much prep time is invested in making the cadavers presentable for an undergrad anatomy lab. Tons of tissue needs to be removed in order to reveal the interesting structures that lie below. After searching for awhile, it seemed as though no over has ever done this before. So I grabbed my camcorder and MacBook and took a trip to the cadaver lab. My first two videos can be seen here.

Picture 1.jpg

Now that the semester is winding down there will be a few free days in the cadaver lab for me to get in their and work with the cadavers. I was hoping to get some feedback on what region of the body people would like to see my record next. Take a moment to fill out this poll and the region with the highest number of votes will be dissected:

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