Thursday, December 01, 2005

My 6 Minutes of Podcast Fame

For some of you (maybe 2 readers if I'm lucky) this post will make sense and for some of you it will provide more evidence of my dorkiness. I live in Broomfield and on weekdays I make a 13 mile commute into Boulder. This past summer I began playing around with podcasting and stumbled upon a lecture on the topic of human anatomy. These lectures are from and undergraduate course at the College of Saint Scholastica in Duluth, Minnesota. I have been burning these 48 minute lectures to a CD for my car stereo and I listen to them on my commute to Boulder.

In November the lectures began addressing the cardiovascular system and the professor touched on the concept of the inherent rhythmicity of cardiac muscle. I immediately thought of a video clip I saw recently from a cardiovascular lab in my department. I chased down the video clip and its small size (1.4 MB) was perfect email size so I figured I'd send it Dr. Cizadlo's way.

Thanksgiving break came and went and after the gluttonous feast I was back to my normal commute. I through in the CD containing the lecture from November 18 and had a pleasant shock! Dr. Cizadlo began his lecture that day by elaborating on how his broadcasting of his lectures has resulted in him receiving some "fan emails" from far off places, like Boulder, CO!

If you have 6 mins of free time feel free to have a listen to this MP3 file from Dr. Cizadlo's November 18th lecture. I like his comment about how I can contribute to his lecture experience even from 1,000 miles away. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...
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Grenzie said...

Hey there! I'm excited you got some props from Doc. C. Isn't he absolutely amazing!? He was my advisor in college and I had the chance to take three classes from him (anat/phys, pathophys and embryology).