Wednesday, February 22, 2006

High Times for IPHY

The department I study in at the University of Colorado at Boulder was highlighted in the February 5th issue of the New York Times newspaper. The article titled "A Hot Trend on Campus: Majoring in Health Care" comments on the increasing popularity of undergraduate health programs in the United States. The Department of Integrative Physiology was mentioned as being very successful. In fact, the article states that the department's 1,200 undergrads make it the second most popular major at the univeristy. I wonder which is first? Business is my guess?

Any way, follow this link to read the entire article (you'll need a online subscription to the NYT but it is free to get one).

1 comment:

Sameer said...

I doubt Business is the first. I'd guess its either Physics or Aerospace Engg (assuming we can consider individual engineering branches).