Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Survey Says - Google Rocks!

My computing life would be very different without Google, and my financial life would be too had I bought stock in Google when they went public!


I find myself using more and more tools put out by Google. Everything they release turns to gold. For example, I was asked to give a presentation about web-based resources for scientific research. Practicing good "presentation zen", I immediately asked myself who my audience will be. I knew most of them but I didn't want to make any assumptions (you know what happens when you assume right?). What did I do? I set up a Google Form in 10 minutes, sent it to my audience via email, and within two days all my questions were answered. I had the info I needed to plan the content I needed to cover and what I didn't need to cover. I also gained insight into how many PC users there were.

So, what are your most utilized Google tools?

The keen observer will have noticed that this survey is in fact a Google tool called a Form. Embedding of forms was just released this week!


ctrlalteredmind said...

Interesting, the form asks for top 3 choices, but accepts more than 3 as well. Were you able to set such an option while creating the form?

It appears that Google is not content with organizing the world's information, they want to host it too.

ctrlalteredmind said...

yo dawg, you've been tagged for a very important meme.